What is the first step in a new house, addition, or remodel?

Planning-  Either working with an architect or draftsman, or doing your own sketch is the first step.  A proposal cannot be created without first having a plan.  If the project does not warrant a drawing, a typed scope of work by area is essential to an accurate proposal.  


How long will my project take to complete?

This cannot be determined until a proposal has been completed, which will provide a timeline for each craft and the project as a whole.


Can you give me a ballpark price?

While we can give an average cost of what certain projects that have been completed by us have been, each project is different and this is a very rough guideline.  Each project is different and selections by the client greatly affect the overall project budget.


I have received and accept the proposal, what is the next step?

Completing a contract.  This is required by state licensing law and is essential in setting forth the guidelines for many aspects of the project.  The contract references the scope of work, the contractor’s responsibilities, and the homeowner’s responsibilities for the duration and completion of the project.


Is it okay to not be home while work is ongoing?

Absolutely, Lawhon Myers only works with reputable subcontractors who have proven to be trustworthy and capable in their fields.  Lawhon Myers employees have been with the company for many years and extensive research is completed prior to considering hiring any new employees.  Our management team, employees, and subcontractors treat your home as though it was their own.


What items do I need to select for our project?

Lawhon Myers will provide a selection list and guide you through the selection process.  We can provide suggestions, appropriate vendors, cost guidelines, and can work with you through every selection to be completed.


How long will it take to receive a proposal?

Each project is different.  Some projects will required all subcontractors to be involved and this process could take 3-4 weeks to complete.  Smaller projects that can be explained to subcontractors by phone, or by sketch may be able to be completed within 1-2 weeks.  While we do utilize estimating software, this process is still very hands on and requires time to complete.